Saturday, 16 December 2017

More Austrians - 28mm Victrix

Finished adding another 170 Austrians approximately, necessitating some rearrangement of storage. This was a good excuse to get out all the Austrian German infantry and have a look at them together... 

Not included are the German Landwehr, nor Hungarians, Grenz, Jaeger, or other arms of course. I'm going to need a bigger table to fit them all on for photos soon enough!

New regiments are #1 Karl Franz and #17 Reuss-Plauen.

Plus I've added Grenadier companies from the four most recently painted regiments. These were brigaded into their own divisions of combined Grenadier companies so will be added to those.

And also some much needed skirmisher detachments, 16 stands worth. Not that Austrians were very good at skirmishing but they still need a few. Victrix include options to make up to a third of the figures in each box into skirmishers, so that is helpful. Here's four of the line skirmisher stands, of the 16 that can be seen in the first photo in this post.

I also made up four Grenadier skirmisher stands. As I understand it Grenadiers were forbidden from skirmishing according to the Austrian ordnance, being reserved for a shock role favouring the bayonet. I'm not sure how strictly this was obeyed though so added a few of these skirmishing Grenadiers given I had a few figures left over. 


Thanks for looking, French Heavy Cavalry on the painting desk at the moment so they will be next.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Austrian Line Infantry - 28mm Victrix

More Austrian Line Infantry completed.  I chose Victrix for this next lot because I wanted a few more pose options for commanders, and also ability to make some skirmishing figures for General d'Armee. Bought in bulk to get the discounted rate.

Light blue and deep green facings for these regiments. So Regt #3 Erzherzog Carl and Regt #8 Erzherzog Ludwig perhaps, with two battalions from each. 

Quite happy with them, and exactly this amount again is already being assembled. 

Regt No. 3.

Regt. No. 8.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

PWJ Giveaway and painting update

Here's a heads up that Jonathan from the Palouse Wargaming Journal is having a giveaway draw to celebrate 5 years of blogging. See the link for details. Very generous of him and his prolific blog is well worth visiting with many lovely painted Napoleonics, Ancients, battlereports and much more besides!

Meanwhile I plod onwards through hundreds of Austrian infantry, getting closer to completion on the first lot now, phew!